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Staying overnight at PorcusCampus

Porcus Campus

Our centre of attention revolves around pigs and the role of this multifaceted animal in our food supply, including how they efficiently convert food scraps into delicious meat. The distance between farm and plate disappears here and you have fun learning more about where our food comes from – something that many people know very little about. This is why PorcusCampus is transparent in showing how the various pigs live and where they come from.

Surrounding area

Experience the peace and quiet of the countryside in the gorgeous rural area of Aarle-Rixtel, about 2.5 kilometres from the centre. Go for a nice walk or go cycling through the green surroundings. Wander through the woods – where you can see out pigs walking freely about – or wander past Broek AA, a small river that flows right next to PorcusCampus.



We offer group accommodation to a maximum of twenty-one people. However, our seven luxury two-person rooms can also be reserved individually. Each room has its own appropriate and educational theme (and name). In the Rooting Room you can discover why rooting is so important for pigs, while in the Pig Sty you learn about the ideal housing for this pink four-footer. Come discover what you can learn in the Mud Pool, the Nursery, Curly Tail, the Service Pen and the Pig’s Trough!

Each room has a flatscreen TV, its own toilet facilities with a shower, air conditioning and a double or two single box spring beds. Moreover, each room has a good view of the pits but, possibly just as important, you cannot smell them.

You and your pig!

Become the owner of a pig, stay overnight with a view of the grunting four-footers, or just pop in to hug a piglet: PorcusCampus alters everyone’s view of our food production by providing honest and transparent information. Very highly recommended …

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